Kibbutz-galuyot synagogue

Each building a synagogue is like building a mini-sanctuary

Donations for synagogue renovation


The renovation is estimated as 60,000$.
We would be happy for the entire amount or part of it.
The donation can be done as a regular wire transfer to
"Kibbutz galuuot synagogue" Bank Ha Poalim, branch number 771 to account 407564.
Names of donors in amount of 1,000$ or higher will be printed on a special board at the Synagogue. Any one who will contribute, his name will appear on the web donors list.
Blessing from the synagogue Rabbi to donors :
We hereby send out our blessings from the house of G-d, our synagogue, to those who contribute to this most worthy and holy cause. May Hashem fulfill all the desires of your heart for goodness and blessing and provide success in all your endeavors "
For more details related  please contact the synagogue Gabbai ,Moshe Markovich, 
by phone : +97252-2787343 or by email:
 :Or fill in the follwing contact form

Donors list


בית כנסת 

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